Our Mission

At Veritas Collaborative our mission is in our name. Veritas, meaning truth, highlights our goal to find the true needs of our customers. We accomplish this goal through a collaborative approach that creates customer-centric solutions with lasting value.

Guiding Morals

As a result of our team’s dedication to customer and values centered service, our guiding morals serve as the cornerstone for our commitment to high performance customer service.

Focused on Fairness
We believe the golden rule extends well beyond elementary school teachings. As a result, our team strives to provide customers with the respect, values, and service we would expect.

Focused on Customers
Our consulting approach centers around our customers. As a result, we won’t settle for one size fits all solutions. Instead, we first develop a thorough understanding of your business before we begin to develop solutions. 

Focused on Future
Our world is being shaped by technology that improves how we do business. Because of these opportunities, our team continually evaluates how our customers can benefit through the adoption of new technologies.

Focused on Community
Our dedication to values-driven service extends to our local communities. As a result of this commitment, our leadership team donates 10% of the company’s income to charities in our community.